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Do you have a classic car or truck? Maybe a Rat Rod or Hot Rod? Even a motorcycle?

 Have you had the PERFECT project/build in mind?! Do you want it done right and now! 

Well....come on in to Good Fellaz Custom Classics of the Ozarks. We do it all from rebuilds to restorations. We can do any custom work! Interior, exterior, custom audio, video and lighting! We can drop it, lift it and make your dream car a reality!

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We have the best prices around and will work toward YOUR DREAM not anyone else! We provide daily, weekly and monthly updates depending on your build project to show progress and what is even better is......YOUR CAR and You can be on TV! We have a tv show that all of our projects are on and we host other shows like Scottie D TV! So come on in and check us out because .... 


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Good Fellaz Custom Classics
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Get Your Car or Bike done Right Here At Good Fellaz!

Get it Customized, Restored, Rebuilt and More!

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How much will it cost?

The total cost depends on the cost of parts and materials as well as labor for the work the customer agrees to have us do. Once we have reviewed the vehicle, but before we start work on it, the customer can be given an estimate of costs that they agree to. If a flat rate build number is desired this will take one to two days. Estimates are just that, estimates. They are not a final bill and can fluctuate depending on customer additions/subtractions and other factors.

(Example: Paint a car and reassemble is one price. The customer comes and doubles the amount they wanted initially done that price will increase. There are untold mechanics and fabrication needed to make the car work. That increases the cost. The car is not ready for paint in many cases at a glance it is hard to say what will be needed body wise and it takes one to two days to complete a estimate on a full build. If a customer just drops off the car we go by what the customer tells us and if is not ready for paint there is an extra charge for body work. Fabrication, body work are very labor intensive and we simply can not do that for free. In short a estimate when the car has not been studied and how close we can stay to that estimate depends on the customer knowledge and how forthright they are with all the issues.)

Can you give me a quote?

The customer would need to make an appointment with us to go over their vehicle. Then we can create a realistic estimate based on what we saw when looking at the vehicle. It is impossible with restorations to look at it quickly and give an estimate that is realistic, A estimate without seeing the vehicle and spending time studying the vehicle, is just that our best guest, when given a one of these quotes it is just a guesstimate and if you come and add to the build then the price goes up accordingly.  There is great variability in the work when dealing with Classic cars, and that requires a complete understanding of all the required work, we will not commit to a “sight unseen” quote or estimate for restorations or major repairs.

In many cases there is add-ons by the customer, unknowns and wish list. In theses cases we generally do open ended builds and let the customers decide how much to spend. If you drop off your car and want a “build estimate it will take one to two days”

What is the payment schedule like?

We get a down payment and we will send the customer reports of the progress made. You will be asked to pay to pay some payment toward the total bill.

How much does it cost to fix electrical problems or rewire a vehicle?

The nature of electrical problems are intensely variable. If a harness has been badly cut apart, modified, instrument lights, gauges, wiper motor or even core basics to make the car function properly which had a failed because of the previous work.

 How much does it cost to do an engine swap?

Engine swaps have many factors.: Same Size, Type, Era:of engine. Engine cost is up to the customer and what there end results they are looking for. Installation depends on all of the above. 

Here at Good Fellaz, we provide a wide array of services to all of our customers. We want to be the people you can come to and know that your work will be done right the first time on any of your automotive builds. We strive for excellence and work one on one with all of our customers to ensure that the build process of their project goes smoothly and correctly the way that they want it done. 

We have the skills of several crew members that amount to well of 100 years of combined experience. Our custom body shop can aid in providing our customer will all types of repairs, restorations and rebuilds. 

We have a Class A paint booth with an amazing Auto Body and Paint specialist. Our mechanics are fully equipped and engineered to build the fastest and the best for all of our customers. Our Audio and video tech has the ability to provide amazing sound and video in or on any vehicle. He has the gift of GLOW with being able to install specialized LED Glow kits to any interior, exterior, under carriage, under hood and more. The Glow Kits can give the ability to move with light or sound. Our upholstery tech can provide phenomenal work for any of your custom or restore upholstery needs. 

We specialize in restoring and rebuilding classic cars, trucks, rat rods, hot rods, motorcycles and more. We enjoy seeing the variety of automobiles that come to our shop and always have an open mind for new ideas. 

So, If you have a build project in mind and you wit done right, Come on in to Good Fellaz and we will get you what you need.