Here at Good Fellaz, we provide a wide array of services to all of our customers. We want to be the people you can come to and know that your work will be done right the first time on any of your automotive builds. We strive for excellence and work one on one with all of our customers to ensure that the build process of their project goes smoothly and correctly the way that they want it done. 

We have the skills of several crew members that amount to well of 100 years of combined experience. Our custom body shop can aid in providing our customer will all types of repairs, restorations and rebuilds. 

We have a Class A paint booth with an amazing Auto Body and Paint specialist. Our mechanics are fully equipped and engineered to build the fastest and the best for all of our customers. Our Audio and video tech has the ability to provide amazing sound and video in or on any vehicle. He has the gift of GLOW with being able to install specialized LED Glow kits to any interior, exterior, under carriage, under hood and more. The Glow Kits can give the ability to move with light or sound. Our upholstery tech can provide phenomenal work for any of your custom or restore upholstery needs. 

We specialize in restoring and rebuilding classic cars, trucks, rat rods, hot rods, motorcycles and more. We enjoy seeing the variety of automobiles that come to our shop and always have an open mind for new ideas. 

So, If you have a build project in mind and you want it done right, Come on in to Good Fellaz and we will get you what you need.  

Below, you will be able to see some of the projects we have done and what has been done on them. Enjoy!!!

This 1936 Chevy Pick-Up came to us recently in need of repairs, paint, body work and mechanics. The owner has a perfect plan and color scheme in mind and wishes for it to be done as soon as possible and done right. He had previously had it in a shop where the people continued to push off the work and after a few years, he had little to no progress. He has now brought the classic beauty to Good Fellaz, where we have corrected quite a bit of the work and began the reuild procress. He came bye recently and was thrilled to see the prgress!

This amazing, 1942 Hudson Six Series came in to Good Fellaz on a very sweet story. When she arrived, we were blessed to meet the owner, his son and his father. It is a family build. The owner found this car and bought it because it was the exact type of car that his father and mother first ever owned. He decided that he wanted it rebuilt and running as 
soon as possible in order for his father and mother to be able to cruise in one again. He brought his young son along as well and seems to us that this build will be a 
family tradition 
with great memories. We look forward to the end results and smiles on everyone's faces. 


This car is a rarity. It is a 1959 Lincoln gone "Ranchero" style. The car comes to Good Fellaz from out of state where the owner has asked us to restore it, modify it a bit and repaint it. It is currently undergoing engine mechanics and has had the stripping process started in order to repair and paint it. 

 This 1961 International Pick-Up is a near and dear build for us here at Good Fellaz. It originally belonged to our Big Boss and Owner Brad. He recently sold it to a man whom is out of state. The gentleman has chosen to not only buy the truck, but to also have us here restore and rebuild the body and then do a fram and chasis swap onto a newer model truck. The gentleman is going to be using it as a daily driver and has a veru bright color scheme in mind. Brad has been involved in every step of the way with this build just like he is with others, only he gets excited more to see how this one turns out. 


This 1963 Chrysler New Yorker is another one of our "Close to Home" builds. It belongs to the Big Boss' wife, Becca. Brad bought her this car for Christmas this past year (2016) after he had attempted to purchase a Ford Fairlane that fell through. We have stripped it, repaired the out body and customized the bumpers. She has been painted and is still in thr process of having her interior done. She does not have a name yet, but some suggest "Wicked Wedgie" because of the massive and powerful wedge engine that is under the hood. 


This was a multi-year Volkswagen Beetle that was customized to be a Baja. The build is finally complete after having it here for quite some time due to a move and several add-ons and changes to the build. However, in the success, this bug went from Blah to Baja. The owner is from Iowa and she chose a very distinct color scheme with a great black and pearl pink interior. The engine was modified for better use and Baja ability and the stereo system was installed in order to deafen the sound of the engine as well. We have had updated photos from the owner who loves her car now! What a great build.

 The 1964 Ford F-100!!! This was a great build and the owner was a character. It came to us in December of 2016 and we worked along side the owner in order to make his truck build dreams become a reality. The owner is from Missouri and wants to be able to take himself and his wife out on the town and to shows if he so pleases. When the truck came to us it was rusty and barely running but in fairly good condition. We were able to get the engine running within a few days and started the body work quickly. It took a few months to get done, but the end result was fantastic. It has a fully rebuilt engine that was painted to match and stand out in the truck and a custom interior to mesh well with the white body and baby blue pin-striping. The wheels and tires fit smoothly with the truck and the success of this build is great!  

 This is still a work in progress. This came to us from out of state where the owner has previously owned and operated a body shop and also races! He loves the car and wants his build done so that he can drive it once again. The chasis and frame on the car seems to have a bend and is need of repair or replacement and some of the metal fab work that had previously been done was a difficult task to correct. However, our crew here have been working steadily on it to get it up to par for the owner, even if it chosen to be a roller. We enjoy all of our builds and customers and this customer has chosen one of our favorite colors for paint. We look forward to the full outcome!

The 1971 Chevrolet Chop-Top Lowrider.....that belongs to the Big Boss Brad. This truck is a make and model of all sorts. It has parts on it from a Cadillac, Chevy and GM so far that we know of. It is being built Rat Rod Style with the Boss's own personal style intertwined. It is currently in the process of inspections and then, once approved road worthy, will be completed with paint, interior and more. We look forward to how this truck will turn out and hope that it is one that the boss will actually keep and not sell. 

1971 Dodge Dart Swinger. Wow what a build. This car comes to us from the west coast and is in great condition body wise. The guy is doing a full restore on it and has had a couple of different paint schemes in mind. So far, we have the car stripped bare. All the way down to the original, unbelievably neat metal. The car will have a new paint job, custom interior and mechanics completed before it goes on its way home. Stay tuned on the show and online for updates. 

This 1973 Dodge Dart Sport is another one of our completed builds. It cam in and out within a few months and is in outstanding condition now. It had an engine rebuild and modifications to the fuel system. Interior was customized with black and electric lime green leather with a sound system to match. This big green beast is running smooth and looks great. 

 This 1980's T-Top Corvette came to us from a returning customer on a previous build (1985 Monte Carlo SS). We are scheduled to redo the paint job in the fall, however, they brought it to us recently to have the interior redone. Below, you can see the interior before and after. Later, you will be able to see the paint job this fall!
 <<<< BEFORE

<<<<< AFTER

  The 1985 Monte Carlo SS  
This build came to us by a couple of real great folks. We see them often now because they have been returning customers with other build projects. They call us the "Kounts Kustoms" of the Mid West. We truly enjoy their company and being able to work with them on their build projects. For the Monte Carlo, we have been able to install new interior, fix mechanical issues in the engine, replace the headers and get her running like a champ.  We truly enjoy all of our builds, but what makes them better is when we recieve the life long friendships of our car owners. 

The 1964 Chevrolet Impala is slick! It, in itself, is a very smooth and very classy ride. We had the privilage to get this build from another very awesome couple. They wanted to have a few nicks and dings repairs and some odds and ends improved, but most of all, they wanted the Air Maxx Air Ride Suspension kit installed. WE DID IT! It is amazing. When it was done and our owners came to pick her up, he was hitting switches like a kid picking candy in a free candy store. It was great! The smiles we all had fealt good. We now see them oftn when they stop bye the shop to discuss other build project ideas and at car shows around the area. 


This bike seat was dne for a veteran and rider here local in Missouri. We had our upholstery tech in on it for a while. The seat was customized from a leather skirt that the owner wanted to use. It has military patches installed on it and even has a functioning pocket. Looks great , sits great and would be a seat idea I would do on a bike.   

 This is a 2015 Harley Davidson Wide Glyde straight from the Lake of the Ozarks Harley Davidson Shop. We were graced with the privilage to fully customize this bike for the 2017 Bike Fest in September of 2017. We are proud to say that this bike is going to be reffled off during Bike Fest this year and the lucky winner will roll out with the custom LED Glow lighting, amazing blue pearl accent paint job and more. Don't miss it!!!